The Light Exclusive Villas & Spa

      Created : 15 April 2019

    Welcome to The Light Exclusive Villas and Spa !

    Mild & Tranguility


    The Yubi Boutique Villas

      Created : 15 April 2019

    A Full Service Villa in Seminyak Bali.


    The Bidadari Villas & Spa

      Created : 15 April 2019

    Being amidst lush tropical garden at Umalas - Seminyak


    Legian Beach

      Created : 05 April 2019

    Legian Beach is probably the second most popular area with visitors after Kuta due to its proximity to beach life and its party. Indeed, one of Legian's main attractions is its luxurious nightlife.

    Legian beach and Kuta beach, located in one coastline and adjacent to each other. Well if you look for differences about the beach, then there is no difference at all. Between Legian Bali beach and Kuta beach, both have white sand, fine sand texture and beach cleanliness are equally awake. Because it is in a coastline, the sunrise in the afternoon is also the same. If viewed from the side of the waves, the two beaches have the same wave character.

    The main attraction of Legian beach is located on the coastline is very sloping and has a very long stretch of sand beach. It stretches from the north side of Kuta beach, to the south side of Seminyak beach.

    The waves at Legian beach are much in demand by surfers, therefore surfing competitions are often held on this beach. Because the waves at Legian beach is perfect for surfing activities, making Legian beach is in great demand by foreign tourists who vacation in Bali, especially Australian tourists. If you are good at surfing, you can rent surfboards that are widely available on the beach.

    In addition tourists can do beach games in Bali, like playing ball on the white sand. Most tourists who vacation on this beach will bask in the sun, swimming and surfing. A significant difference visible between Legian beach and Kuta beach, only on the number of visitors.

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    Dream Museum Zone (DMZ)

      Created : 05 April 2019

    A perfect 3D museum or a house of Illusion art which has started in Korea and currently the important piece of attraction in Bali is Dream Museum Zone. The museum is located on Jalan Nakula, right off the junction of Jalan Dewi Sri and Kuta’s Sunset Road, and just down the street from the TS Suites in Seminyak. Open from 09:00 am to 10:00 pm on all days with entry fee: USD 10 is the entry fee per person. The numerous trick arts appear in the museum make its fame glitter. At the entrance itself you can experience the mind-blowing illusion trickery and as you enter the interiors you will be bewitched to see the labyrinth of an Egyptian pyramid.

    Dream Museum Zone (DMZ) Bali is a fun and interactive art gallery featuring a vast collection of three-dimensional, life-size murals for visitors to pose and play with. The gallery features a rich array of masterfully painted artworks that each serves as interactive backdrops for illusory three-dimensional photography. There are an impressive total of 120 unique artworks in 14 different categories spread over three levels, which provide a full-day of discovery and creativity. 

    You will be taken to immerse into the world of imagination and then you will be lead to witness a never expected scenario. Places from Venice to Egypt to the Amazon you will come across and you will unknowingly pose for the best shots of your life. There are 120 art pieces created by renowned illusion artists belong to Korea.

    Among the attractions, Renaissance and Luminescence pavilions steal the hearts of anyone visiting here. The Renaissance pavilion has a lot of parodies of famous paintings. Mona Lisa carrying a fruit basket or Van Gogh standing with shaving foam or different animal themes paintings are all making the interior quite amusing. You are free to pose as you are really in these places or situations as the 3-dimensional illusion art makes everything look like alive.

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