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The Sun Hotel and Spa Legian Kuta Bali
The Sun Hotel and Spa Legian Kuta Bali
The Sun Hotel and Spa Legian Kuta Bali
The Sun Hotel & Spa, Legian Kuta Bali
The Sun Hotel and Spa Legian Kuta Bali
The Sun Hotel and Spa Legian Kuta Bali
The Sun Hotel and Spa Legian Kuta Bali
The Sun Hotel and Spa Legian Kuta Bali

Prabha SPA

Prabha in Hindi language which means light or shine and in the ancient Javanese language means sparkling.

Touching technique to release the muscular spasm from the head, neck and shoulder region; providing a tremendous sense of easiness.

Spa treatments consist of body treatments, cream bath, facial, manicure –pedicure, scrub, foot spa, and spa salon. Combine with natural product make your holidays more complete and our gracious staff serve you from hearth.

Prabha Spa and Salon Treatment

Harmony Package (2 Hours 15 minutes) IDR 250.000 ++
An exotic, luxurious and unforgettable celebration. Aromatherapy foot bath - Balinese massage – foot massage – choice of Asian body scrub - Jacuzzi.

Balancing (1 Hours 30 minutes ) IDR 199.000 ++
Experience more of the pleasure with this combination Balinese massage and facial or foot massage.

Rejuvenating Facial (1 Hours) IDR 150.000 ++
Using Special beauty facial product by BIOKOS containing Bio-Seaweed extract a skin nutrient which help prevent wrinkle and collagen, be opposed to aging, for maintaining optimal skin moisture and elasticity. A neck, shoulder, arm massage is included to release stress.

Natural Facial (1 Hours) IDR 125.000 ++
We create traditional beauty natural ingredients in spa kitchen. With carrot, cucumber, yoghurt, sugar, honey, and clay. this natural facial followed by a soothing massage of neck and hands is recommended for man and woman.

Balinese Massage (1 Hours) IDR 150.000 ++

Back Massage (30 Minutes) IDR 75.000 ++
Our Most Relaxing Massage it’s Traditional Balinese therapy combines stretching, long strokes and thumb pressure and Swedish massage techniques flowing and graceful massage to relieve tension improve blood flow and case stress. This treatment is excellent after long flight or late night out.

Foot Reflexology (1 Hours) IDR 125.000 ++

Foot Massage (30 Minutes) IDR 65.000 ++
The most blissful ride your feet will ever take you on. It’s like reflexology without the ouch. Base on the same therapeutic principles of its ancient ancestor, this foot massage will help to release toxin and restore your body’s energy flow.

Asian Body Scrub (50 Minutes)IDR 50.000 ++
Complete your holiday at our spa with this unforgettable beauty experience. The exotic blended Asian body scrub.

Hand and foot treatment

Care Manicure (50 Minutes)IDR 50.000 ++
Care Pedicure (50 Minutes)IDR 50.000 ++
Spa Manicure (60 Minutes)IDR 75.000 ++
Spa Pedicure (60 Minutes)IDR 85.000 ++


Hair Wash IDR 40.000 ++
Hair Mask IDR 80.000 ++
Hair Cream Bath IDR 80.000 ++
Hair Spa IDR 80.000 ++

All Price are subject to 21% prevailing service charge and Government Tax.
Rates are subject to change without notice.